Development & Project Management


Large Scale Performance

Our ability to handle complex tasks has made CitiGroup Properties a sought after company when it comes to large-scale developments.


The Moncton Law Courts was a $60.3 million development project that is now leased to the Province of New Brunswick. Completed in 2010, this 135,000 square foot building was built on time and on budget.


The Correctional and Forensic Facilities in Burnside, NS, was a $60 million facility leased to the Province of Nova Scotia. This project marked the first time a correctional facility and a forensic hospital were housed under the same roof in Canada. The project presented CitiGroup Properties with the challenge of combining these two units into one design, and with managing the project successfully.

In the development role, CitiGroup Properties oversees the development process, negotiates project agreements, provides investment and financial analysis, arranges financing, negotiates lease agreements, selects the sites, arranges ownership structures and maintains control as the project manager.

Our development of these large-scale projects demonstrates our work ethic, adaptability and skill in tackling even complex assignments.

In addition to these public/private sector partnerships, our CitiGroup Properties team is alert to new development opportunities. We stay on top of the market to monitor and forecast growth areas, so developers and investors can get in on the ground floor.



Attention to details

With the large portfolio of properties CitiGroup Properties manages, we are involved in special projects all the time.

We have the experience and expertise to tackle renovations, retrofits, replacements, expansions or upgrades. Our role typically involves:

  • Defining the project
  • Engaging design consultants
  • Tendering and awarding contracts
  • Managing the work to completion


Our experienced staff handles these projects efficiently and cost-effectively. We ensure all permits and approvals are met, and that contractors comply with all occupational health and safety rules.