Real Estate Investments

Secure Real Estate Investing

Increasingly investors are turning to real estate as a secure way to manage their assets. At CitiGroup, we make well researched, carefully thought out decisions on how to make wise real estate investments in keeping with our clients’ investment goals. Our expertise in evaluating real estate markets means knowing where to invest, in what type of property, and how to balance your real estate portfolio to ensure a strong consistent return on investments.

When looking for properties to invest in we pay close attention to all the property’s details, find the best ownership tax advantages and acquire the top financing available.

“To a passive property investor such as myself, it is essential to have absolute confidence in your manager, which I must say I have experienced with CitiGroup, for many years.”

Frederick E. Hyndman
Hyndman & Company Limited

CitiGroup Properties works with pension funds, public corporations and private sector investors on real estate portfolios ranging from office and apartment buildings to commercial retail and industrial properties.

We can help you invest in the right properties at the right time and can professionally manage those properties for you to ensure financial success for years to come.